Pedro Berjano
Pedro Berjano
IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, Milan (I)
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Cytowane przez
Classification of sagittal imbalance based on spinal alignment and compensatory mechanisms
C Lamartina, P Berjano
European Spine Journal 23, 1177-1189, 2014
Criteria to restore the sagittal balance in deformity and degenerative spondylolisthesis
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Far lateral approaches (XLIF) in adult scoliosis
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P Berjano
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Failures and revisions in surgery for sagittal imbalance: analysis of factors influencing failure
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Is there a relationship between psychological stress or anxiety and chronic nonspecific neck-arm pain in adults? A systematic review and meta-analysis
G Ortego, JH Villafañe, V Doménech-García, P Berjano, L Bertozzi, ...
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Successful correction of sagittal imbalance can be calculated on the basis of pelvic incidence and age
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Direct lateral access lumbar and thoracolumbar fusion: preliminary results
P Berjano, M Balsano, J Buric, M Petruzzi, C Lamartina
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Pedicle screw insertion with patient-specific 3D-printed guides based on low-dose CT scan is more accurate than free-hand technique in spine deformity patients: a prospective …
R Cecchinato, P Berjano, A Zerbi, M Damilano, A Redaelli, C Lamartina
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Complications in adult spine deformity surgery: a systematic review of the recent literature with reporting of aggregated incidences
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Classification of degenerative segment disease in adults with deformity of the lumbar or thoracolumbar spine
P Berjano, C Lamartina
European Spine Journal 23, 1815-1824, 2014
Anterior column realignment from a lateral approach for the treatment of severe sagittal imbalance: a retrospective radiographic study
P Berjano, R Cecchinato, A Sinigaglia, M Damilano, MF Ismael, C Martini, ...
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Ligamentum flavum hematoma presenting as progressive root compression in the lumbar spine
R Cruz-Conde, P Berjano, Z Buitron
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Prone single-position extreme lateral interbody fusion (Pro-XLIF): preliminary results
C Lamartina, P Berjano
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European spine journal 23, 684-692, 2014
Spinopelvic parameter changes and low back pain improvement due to femoral neck anteversion in patients with severe unilateral primary hip osteoarthritis undergoing total hip …
A Piazzolla, G Solarino, D Bizzoca, V Montemurro, P Berjano, ...
European Spine Journal 27, 125-134, 2018
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