Adam Bates
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Trustworthy {Whole-System} provenance for the linux kernel
A Bates, DJ Tian, KRB Butler, T Moyer
24th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 15), 319-334, 2015
Nodoze: Combatting threat alert fatigue with automated provenance triage
WU Hassan, S Guo, D Li, Z Chen, K Jee, Z Li, A Bates
network and distributed systems security symposium, 2019
Fear and logging in the internet of things
Q Wang, WU Hassan, A Bates, C Gunter
Network and Distributed Systems Symposium, 2018
UNICORN: Runtime Provenance-Based Detector for Advanced Persistent Threats
X Han, T Pasquier, A Bates, J Mickens, M Seltzer
Proc. of the Symposium on Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS), 2020
Skill squatting attacks on Amazon Alexa
D Kumar, R Paccagnella, P Murley, E Hennenfent, J Mason, A Bates, ...
27th USENIX security symposium (USENIX Security 18), 33-47, 2018
Tactical provenance analysis for endpoint detection and response systems
WU Hassan, A Bates, D Marino
2020 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP), 1172-1189, 2020
Mo (bile) money, mo (bile) problems: Analysis of branchless banking applications
B Reaves, J Bowers, N Scaife, A Bates, A Bhartiya, P Traynor, KRB Butler
ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS) 20 (3), 1-31, 2017
Charting the attack surface of trigger-action IoT platforms
Q Wang, P Datta, W Yang, S Liu, A Bates, CA Gunter
Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGSAC conference on computer and communications …, 2019
Detecting co-residency with active traffic analysis techniques
A Bates, B Mood, J Pletcher, H Pruse, M Valafar, K Butler
CCSW, 1-12, 2012
Towards scalable cluster auditing through grammatical inference over provenance graphs
WU Hassan, L Aguse, N Aguse, A Bates, T Moyer
Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium, 2018
OmegaLog: High-fidelity attack investigation via transparent multi-layer log analysis
WU Hassan, MA Noureddine, P Datta, A Bates
Network and distributed system security symposium, 2020
Defending against malicious USB firmware with GoodUSB
DJ Tian, A Bates, K Butler
Proceedings of the 31st Annual Computer Security Applications Conference …, 2015
Runtime analysis of whole-system provenance
T Pasquier, X Han, T Moyer, A Bates, O Hermant, D Eyers, J Bacon, ...
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM SIGSAC conference on computer and communications …, 2018
Let SDN be your eyes: Secure forensics in data center networks
A Bates, K Butler, A Haeberlen, M Sherr, W Zhou
Proceedings of the NDSS workshop on security of emerging network …, 2014
Towards secure provenance-based access control in cloud environments
A Bates, B Mood, M Valafar, K Butler
Proceedings of the third ACM conference on Data and application security and …, 2013
On detecting co-resident cloud instances using network flow watermarking techniques
A Bates, B Mood, J Pletcher, H Pruse, M Valafar, K Butler
International Journal of Information Security 13, 171-189, 2014
Custos: Practical tamper-evident auditing of operating systems using trusted execution
R Paccagnella, P Datta, WU Hassan, A Bates, C Fletcher, A Miller, D Tian
Network and distributed system security symposium, 2020
Securing SSL certificate verification through dynamic linking
A Bates, J Pletcher, T Nichols, B Hollembaek, D Tian, KRB Butler, ...
Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2014
Valve: Securing function workflows on serverless computing platforms
P Datta, P Kumar, T Morris, M Grace, A Rahmati, A Bates
Proceedings of The Web Conference 2020, 939-950, 2020
Cross-app poisoning in software-defined networking
BE Ujcich, S Jero, A Edmundson, Q Wang, R Skowyra, J Landry, A Bates, ...
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM SIGSAC conference on computer and communications …, 2018
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