Tobias Donner
Tobias Donner
Senior Scientist, ETH Zurich
Zweryfikowany adres z phys.ethz.ch
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Sideband cooling of micromechanical motion to the quantum ground state
JD Teufel, T Donner, D Li, JW Harlow, MS Allman, K Cicak, AJ Sirois, ...
Nature 475 (7356), 359-363, 2011
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F Brennecke, S Ritter, T Donner, T Esslinger
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Cavity QED with a Bose–Einstein condensate
F Brennecke, T Donner, S Ritter, T Bourdel, M Köhl, T Esslinger
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Nanomechanical motion measured with an imprecision below that at the standard quantum limit
JD Teufel, T Donner, MA Castellanos-Beltran, JW Harlow, KW Lehnert
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Supersolid formation in a quantum gas breaking a continuous translational symmetry
J Léonard, A Morales, P Zupancic, T Esslinger, T Donner
Nature 543 (7643), 87-90, 2017
Quantum phases from competing short-and long-range interactions in an optical lattice
R Landig, L Hruby, N Dogra, M Landini, R Mottl, T Donner, T Esslinger
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R Mottl, F Brennecke, K Baumann, R Landig, T Donner, T Esslinger
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Cavity QED with quantum gases: new paradigms in many-body physics
F Mivehvar, F Piazza, T Donner, H Ritsch
Advances in Physics 70 (1), 1-153, 2021
Real-time observation of fluctuations at the driven-dissipative Dicke phase transition
F Brennecke, R Mottl, K Baumann, R Landig, T Donner, T Esslinger
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Monitoring and manipulating Higgs and Goldstone modes in a supersolid quantum gas
J Léonard, A Morales, P Zupancic, T Donner, T Esslinger
Science 358 (6369), 1415-1418, 2017
Long-range interacting quantum systems
N Defenu, T Donner, T Macrì, G Pagano, S Ruffo, A Trombettoni
Reviews of Modern Physics 95 (3), 035002, 2023
Dissipation-induced structural instability and chiral dynamics in a quantum gas
N Dogra, M Landini, K Kroeger, L Hruby, T Donner, T Esslinger
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R Landig, F Brennecke, R Mottl, T Donner, T Esslinger
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Phase transitions in a Bose-Hubbard model with cavity-mediated global-range interactions
N Dogra, F Brennecke, SD Huber, T Donner
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Experimental determination of irreversible entropy production in out-of-equilibrium mesoscopic quantum systems
M Brunelli, L Fusco, R Landig, W Wieczorek, J Hoelscher-Obermaier, ...
Physical review letters 121 (16), 160604, 2018
Dissipation-induced anomalous multicritical phenomena
M Soriente, T Donner, R Chitra, O Zilberberg
Physical review letters 120 (18), 183603, 2018
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