Michal Piotr Nowak
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Ballistic superconductivity in semiconductor nanowires
H Zhang, Ö Gül, S Conesa-Boj, MP Nowak, M Wimmer, K Zuo, V Mourik, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 16025, 2017
Quantized conductance doubling and hard gap in a two-dimensional semiconductor–superconductor heterostructure
M Kjærgaard, F Nichele, HJ Suominen, MP Nowak, M Wimmer, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 12841, 2016
Transparent semiconductor-superconductor interface and induced gap in an epitaxial heterostructure Josephson junction
M Kjærgaard, HJ Suominen, MP Nowak, AR Akhmerov, J Shabani, ...
Physical Review Applied 7 (3), 034029, 2017
Hard superconducting gap in InSb nanowires
O Gül, H Zhang, FK de Vries, J van Veen, K Zuo, V Mourik, ...
Nano letters 17 (4), 2690-2696, 2017
Conductance through a helical state in an Indium antimonide nanowire
J Kammhuber, MC Cassidy, F Pei, MP Nowak, A Vuik, Ö Gül, D Car, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 478, 2017
Valley dependent anisotropic spin splitting in silicon quantum dots
R Ferdous, E Kawakami, P Scarlino, MP Nowak, DR Ward, DE Savage, ...
npj Quantum Information 4 (1), 26, 2018
Spin-orbit coupling effects in two-dimensional circular quantum rings: Elliptical deformation of confined electron density
MP Nowak, B Szafran
Physical Review B 80 (19), 195319, 2009
Shadow-wall lithography of ballistic superconductor–semiconductor quantum devices
S Heedt, M Quintero-Pérez, F Borsoi, A Fursina, N van Loo, GP Mazur, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4914, 2021
Tuning of the spin-orbit interaction in a quantum dot by an in-plane magnetic field
MP Nowak, B Szafran, FM Peeters, B Partoens, WJ Pasek
Physical Review B 83 (24), 245324, 2011
Resonant harmonic generation and collective spin rotations in electrically driven quantum dots
MP Nowak, B Szafran, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 86 (12), 125428, 2012
Spin-polarization anisotropy in a narrow spin-orbit-coupled nanowire quantum dot
MP Nowak, B Szafran
Physical Review B 87 (20), 205436, 2013
Fano resonances and electron spin transport through a two-dimensional spin-orbit-coupled quantum ring
FMP M. P. Nowak, B. Szafran
Phys. Rev. B 84, 235319, 2011
Spin–orbit interaction and induced superconductivity in a one-dimensional hole gas
FK De Vries, J Shen, RJ Skolasinski, MP Nowak, D Varjas, L Wang, ...
Nano letters 18 (10), 6483-6488, 2018
Supercurrent carried by nonequilibrium quasiparticles in a multiterminal Josephson junction
MP Nowak, M Wimmer, AR Akhmerov
Physical Review B 99 (7), 075416, 2019
Spin current source based on a quantum point contact with local spin-orbit interaction
MP Nowak, B Szafran
Applied Physics Letters 103 (20), 2013
Durability of the superconducting gap in Majorana nanowires under orbital effects of a magnetic field
P Wójcik, MP Nowak
Physical Review B 97 (23), 235445, 2018
Simulations of electric-dipole spin resonance for spin-orbit coupled quantum dots in the Overhauser field: Fractional resonances and selection rules
EN Osika, B Szafran, MP Nowak
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165302, 2013
Singlet-triplet avoided crossings and effective g factor versus spatial orientation of spin-orbit-coupled quantum dots
MP Nowak, B Szafran
Physical Review B 83 (3), 035315, 2011
Selective suppression of Dresselhaus or Rashba spin-orbit coupling effects by the Zeeman interaction in quantum dots
B Szafran, MP Nowak, S Bednarek, T Chwiej, FM Peeters
Physical Review B 79 (23), 235303, 2009
Gate-controlled supercurrent in ballistic InSb nanoflag Josephson junctions
S Salimian, M Carrega, I Verma, V Zannier, MP Nowak, F Beltram, ...
Applied Physics Letters 119 (21), 2021
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