John Charles Walmsley
John Charles Walmsley
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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: Cobalt particle size and support effects on intrinsic activity and product distribution
Ø Borg, PDC Dietzel, AI Spjelkavik, EZ Tveten, JC Walmsley, S Diplas, ...
Journal of Catalysis 259 (2), 161-164, 2008
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CD Marioara, SJ Andersen, TN Stene, H Hasting, J Walmsley, ...
Philosophical Magazine 87 (23), 3385-3413, 2007
Wavefront dislocations in the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its water wave analogue
MV Berry, RG Chambers, MD Large, C Upstill, JC Walmsley
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G Svenningsen, MH Larsen, JC Walmsley, JH Nordlien, K Nisancioglu
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Characterization of alumina-, silica-, and titania-supported cobalt Fischer–Tropsch catalysts
S Storsæter, B Tøtdal, JC Walmsley, BS Tanem, A Holmen
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Composition of β ″precipitates in Al–Mg–Si alloys by atom probe tomography and first principles calculations
HS Hasting, AG Frøseth, SJ Andersen, R Vissers, JC Walmsley, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (12), 2009
Formation of a zirconium-titanium based conversion layer on AA 6060 aluminium
JH Nordlien, JC Walmsley, H Østerberg, K Nisancioglu
Surface and Coatings Technology 153 (1), 72-78, 2002
The nature of active chromium species in Cr-catalysts for dehydrogenation of propane: New insights by a comprehensive spectroscopic study
MS Kumar, N Hammer, M Rønning, A Holmen, D Chen, JC Walmsley, ...
Journal of Catalysis 261 (1), 116-128, 2009
Co–Ni catalysts derived from hydrotalcite-like materials for hydrogen production by ethanol steam reforming
L He, H Berntsen, E Ochoa-Fernández, JC Walmsley, EA Blekkan, ...
Topics in Catalysis 52, 206-217, 2009
Dehydrogenation of propane over Pt-SBA-15 and Pt-Sn-SBA-15: Effect of Sn on the dispersion of Pt and catalytic behavior
MS Kumar, D Chen, A Holmen, JC Walmsley
Catalysis Today 142 (1-2), 17-23, 2009
The influence of composition and natural aging on clustering during preaging in Al–Mg–Si alloys
M Torsæter, HS Hasting, W Lefebvre, CD Marioara, JC Walmsley, ...
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Dehydrogenation of propane over Pt-SBA-15: Effect of Pt particle size
MS Kumar, D Chen, JC Walmsley, A Holmen
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Anodising as pre-treatment for structural bonding
A Bjørgum, F Lapique, J Walmsley, K Redford
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MH Larsen, JC Walmsley, O Lunder, RH Mathiesen, K Nisancioglu
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 155 (11), C550, 2008
Effect of excess silicon and small copper content on intergranular corrosion of 6000-series aluminum alloys
MH Larsen, JC Walmsley, O Lunder, K Nisancioglu
Journal of the electrochemical society 157 (2), C61, 2009
Thin Pd–23% Ag/stainless steel composite membranes: Long-term stability, life-time estimation and post-process characterisation
TA Peters, WM Tucho, A Ramachandran, M Stange, JC Walmsley, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 326 (2), 572-581, 2009
Geometrically confined favourable ion packing for high gravimetric capacitance in carbon–ionic liquid supercapacitors
X Wang, H Zhou, E Sheridan, JC Walmsley, D Ren, D Chen
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (1), 232-239, 2016
Microstructure evolution of commercial pure titanium during equal channel angular pressing
YJ Chen, YJ Li, JC Walmsley, S Dumoulin, PC Skaret, HJ Roven
Materials Science and Engineering: A 527 (3), 789-796, 2010
Quantitative analysis of grain refinement in titanium during equal channel angular pressing
YJ Chen, YJ Li, JC Walmsley, S Dumoulin, SS Gireesh, S Armada, ...
Scripta Materialia 64 (9), 904-907, 2011
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