Johannes Meiser, PhD
Johannes Meiser, PhD
Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), Department of Cancer Research
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Cytowane przez
Complexity of dopamine metabolism
J Meiser, D Weindl, K Hiller
Cell Communication and Signaling 11, 1-18, 2013
Mammals divert endogenous genotoxic formaldehyde into one-carbon metabolism
G Burgos-Barragan, N Wit, J Meiser, FA Dingler, M Pietzke, L Mulderrig, ...
Nature 548 (7669), 549-554, 2017
Pro-inflammatory macrophages sustain pyruvate oxidation through pyruvate dehydrogenase for the synthesis of itaconate and to enable cytokine expression
J Meiser, L Krämer, SC Sapcariu, N Battello, J Ghelfi, AF D'Herouel, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (8), 3932-3946, 2016
Posttranslational regulation of the iron deficiency basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor FIT is affected by iron and nitric oxide
J Meiser, S Lingam, P Bauer
Plant Physiology 157 (4), 2154-2166, 2011
Serine one-carbon catabolism with formate overflow
J Meiser, S Tumanov, O Maddocks, CF Labuschagne, D Athineos, ...
Science advances 2 (10), e1601273, 2016
Formate metabolism in health and disease
M Pietzke, J Meiser, A Vazquez
Molecular metabolism 33, 23-37, 2020
The gut microbial metabolite formate exacerbates colorectal cancer progression
D Ternes, M Tsenkova, VI Pozdeev, M Meyers, E Koncina, S Atatri, ...
Nature metabolism 4 (4), 458-475, 2022
Glutathione restricts serine metabolism to preserve regulatory T cell function
H Kurniawan, DG Franchina, L Guerra, L Bonetti, L Soriano-Baguet, ...
Cell metabolism 31 (5), 920-936. e7, 2020
How metabolites modulate metabolic flux
A Wegner, J Meiser, D Weindl, K Hiller
Current opinion in biotechnology 34, 16-22, 2015
Transcriptional and metabolic adaptation of human neurons to the mitochondrial toxicant MPP+
AK Krug, S Gutbier, L Zhao, D Pöltl, C Kullmann, V Ivanova, S Förster, ...
Cell death & disease 5 (5), e1222-e1222, 2014
Increased formate overflow is a hallmark of oxidative cancer
J Meiser, A Schuster, M Pietzke, J Vande Voorde, D Athineos, K Oizel, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1368, 2018
CIPK11-dependent phosphorylation modulates FIT activity to promote Arabidopsis iron acquisition in response to calcium signaling
R Gratz, P Manishankar, R Ivanov, P Köster, I Mohr, K Trofimov, ...
Developmental cell 48 (5), 726-740. e10, 2019
Rapid and robust generation of long-term self-renewing human neural stem cells with the ability to generate mature astroglia
T Palm, S Bolognin, J Meiser, S Nickels, C Träger, RL Meilenbrock, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 16321, 2015
Loss of DJ-1 impairs antioxidant response by altered glutamine and serine metabolism
J Meiser, S Delcambre, A Wegner, C Jäger, J Ghelfi, AF d'Herouel, ...
Neurobiology of disease 89, 112-125, 2016
Dissection of iron signaling and iron accumulation by overexpression of subgroup Ib bHLH039 protein
MA Naranjo-Arcos, F Maurer, J Meiser, S Pateyron, C Fink-Straube, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 10911, 2017
Preferential extracellular generation of the active parkinsonian toxin MPP+ by transporter-independent export of the intermediate MPDP+
S Schildknecht, R Pape, J Meiser, C Karreman, T Strittmatter, M Odermatt, ...
Antioxidants & redox signaling 23 (13), 1001-1016, 2015
GAP43-dependent mitochondria transfer from astrocytes enhances glioblastoma tumorigenicity
DC Watson, D Bayik, S Storevik, SS Moreino, SA Sprowls, J Han, ...
Nature cancer 4 (5), 648-664, 2023
Formate induces a metabolic switch in nucleotide and energy metabolism
K Oizel, J Tait-Mulder, J Fernandez-de-Cossio-Diaz, M Pietzke, H Brunton, ...
Cell Death & Disease 11 (5), 310, 2020
Give it or take it: the flux of one‐carbon in cancer cells
J Meiser, A Vazquez
The FEBS journal 283 (20), 3695-3704, 2016
Pharmacological targeting of MTHFD2 suppresses acute myeloid leukemia by inducing thymidine depletion and replication stress
N Bonagas, NMS Gustafsson, M Henriksson, P Marttila, R Gustafsson, ...
Nature cancer 3 (2), 156-172, 2022
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