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Increased Phonon Scattering by Nanograins and Point Defects in Nanostructured Silicon<? format?> with a Low Concentration of Germanium
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Endoscopic visualization of contact line dynamics during pool boiling on capillary‐activated copper microchannels
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Nanocomposites to enhance ZT in thermoelectrics
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G Zhu, NZ Swinteck, S Wu, JS Zhang, H Pan, JD Bass, PA Deymier, ...
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Passive thermal switch devices having thermal switch material that passively switches between a thermal insulating state and a thermal conducting state and vehicles having the same
T Yamaguchi, G Zhu
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Electronic transport in VO2—Experimentally calibrated Boltzmann transport modeling
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Transparent radiative cooling films and structures comprising the same
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Acoustic and elastic flatband formation in phononic crystals: methods and devices formed therefrom
K Yano, D Banerjee, S Wu, G Zhu, NZ Swinteck, PA Deymier
US Patent 8,875,838, 2014
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