Rosario Nicoletti
Rosario Nicoletti
Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l'Analisi dell'Economia Agraria
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Plant bioactive metabolites and drugs produced by endophytic fungi of Spermatophyta
R Nicoletti, A Fiorentino
Agriculture 5 (4), 918-970, 2015
Bioactive compounds produced by strains of Penicillium and Talaromyces of marine origin
R Nicoletti, A Trincone
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Artemisinin reduces human melanoma cell migration by down-regulating αvβ3 integrin and reducing metalloproteinase 2 production
E Buommino, A Baroni, N Canozo, M Petrazzuolo, R Nicoletti, A Vozza, ...
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Cytosporin-related compounds from the marine-derived fungus Eutypella scoparia
ML Ciavatta, MP Lopez-Gresa, M Gavagnin, R Nicoletti, E Manzo, E Mollo, ...
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Characterization of Rhizoctonia solani Isolates from Tobacco Fields Related to Anastomosis Groups 2‐1 and BI (AG 2‐1 and AG BI)
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3‐O‐methylfunicone produced by penicillium pinophilum affects cell motility of breast cancer cells, downregulating αvβ5 integrin and inhibiting metalloproteinase …
E Buommino, M Boccellino, A De Filippis, M Petrazzuolo, V Cozza, ...
Molecular Carcinogenesis: Published in cooperation with the University of …, 2007
Occurence and bioactivities of funicone-related compounds
R Nicoletti, E Manzo, ML Ciavatta
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Ascription of Nt-isolates of Rhizoctonia solani to anastomosis group 2-1 (AG-2-1) on account of rDNA-ITS sequence similarity
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Endophytism of Penicillium species in woody plants
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Secondary metabolites of mangrove-associated strains of Talaromyces
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R Nicoletti, M De Stefano
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Cytostatic Properties of a Novel Compound Derived from Penicillium pinophilum: An In Vitro Study
A Stammati, R Nicoletti, S De Stefano, F Zampaglioni, F Zucco
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Crop systems, quality and protection of Diplotaxis tenuifolia
G Caruso, G Parrella, M Giorgini, R Nicoletti
Agriculture 8 (4), 55, 2018
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