Victor A. Malyshev
Victor A. Malyshev
Dr. Sci., Ph.D, Senior Researcher (Groningen Uni, NL) and Leading Reseacher (St.-Petersburg Uni, RU)
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Super-radiance: Multiatomic coherent emission
MG Benedict
CRC Press, 2018
Reflection and transmission of ultrashort light pulses through a thin resonant medium: Local-field effects
MG Benedict, VA Malyshev, ED Trifonov, AI Zaitsev
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AV Malyshev, VA Malyshev
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DJ Heijs, VA Malyshev, J Knoester
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Hidden structure of the low-energy spectrum of a one-dimensional localized Frenkel exciton
V Malyshev, P Moreno
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M Bednarz, VA Malyshev, J Knoester
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Statistics of low energy levels of a one-dimensional weakly localized Frenkel exciton: A numerical study
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V Malyshev, P Moreno
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VA Malyshev
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V Malyshev, EC Jarque
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Frequency-controlled localization of optical signals in graded plasmonic chains
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DJ Heijs, VA Malyshev, J Knoester
The Journal of chemical physics 123 (14), 2005
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