Edbert Sie
Edbert Sie
Optical Systems Scientist at Meta, ex-MIT/Stanford
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Valley-selective optical Stark effect in monolayer WS2
EJ Sie, JW McIver, YH Lee, L Fu, J Kong, N Gedik
Nature Materials 14 (3), 290-294, 2015
An ultrafast symmetry switch in a Weyl semimetal
EJ Sie, CM Nyby, CD Pemmaraju, SJ Park, X Shen, J Yang, MC Hoffmann, ...
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Surface plasmon enhanced band edge luminescence of ZnO nanorods by capping Au nanoparticles
CW Cheng, EJ Sie, B Liu, CHA Huan, TC Sum, HD Sun, HJ Fan
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Measurement of intrinsic Dirac fermion cooling on the surface of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 using time-resolved ARPES
YH Wang, D Hsieh, EJ Sie, H Steinberg, DR Gardner, YS Lee, ...
Physical Review Letters 109 (12), 127401, 2012
Intervalley biexcitons and many-body effects in monolayer MoS2
EJ Sie, AJ Frenzel, YH Lee, J Kong, N Gedik
Physical Review B 92 (12), 125417, 2015
Light-induced charge density wave in LaTe 3
A Kogar, A Zong, PE Dolgirev, X Shen, J Straquadine, YQ Bie, X Wang, ...
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Evidence for topological defects in a photoinduced phase transition
A Zong, A Kogar, YQ Bie, T Rohwer, C Lee, E Baldini, E Ergeçen, ...
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X Xu, Y Zhao, EJ Sie, Y Lu, B Liu, SA Ekahana, X Ju, Q Jiang, J Wang, ...
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EJ Sie, A Steinhoff, C Gies, CH Lui, Q Ma, M Rösner, G Schönhoff, ...
Nano Letters 17 (7), 4210-4216, 2017
Large, valley-exclusive Bloch-Siegert shift in monolayer WS2
EJ Sie, CH Lui, YH Lee, L Fu, J Kong, N Gedik
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Berry curvature memory through electrically driven stacking transitions
J Xiao, Y Wang, H Wang, CD Pemmaraju, S Wang, P Muscher, EJ Sie, ...
Nature Physics 16 (10), 1028-1034, 2020
Time-resolved XUV ARPES with tunable 24-33 eV laser pulses at 30 meV resolution
EJ Sie, T Rohwer, C Lee, N Gedik
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G Xing, G Xing, M Li, EJ Sie, D Wang, A Sulistio, Q Ye, CHA Huan, T Wu, ...
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Observation of Intervalley Biexcitonic Optical Stark Effect in Monolayer WS2
EJ Sie, CH Lui, YH Lee, J Kong, N Gedik
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Tuning the influence of metal nanoparticles on ZnO photoluminescence by atomic-layer-deposited dielectric spacer
M Liu, R Chen, G Adamo, KF MacDonald, EJ Sie, TC Sum, NI Zheludev, ...
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High-sensitivity multispeckle diffuse correlation spectroscopy
EJ Sie, H Chen, EF Saung, R Catoen, T Tiecke, MA Chevillet, F Marsili
Neurophotonics 7 (3), 035010, 2020
High resolution time-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with 11 eV laser pulses
C Lee, T Rohwer, EJ Sie, A Zong, E Baldini, J Straquadine, P Walmsley, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (4), 043102, 2020
ZnCdO/ZnO coaxial multiple quantum well nanowire heterostructures and optical properties
CW Cheng, B Liu, EJ Sie, WW Zhou, JX Zhang, H Gong, CHA Huan, ...
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M Kurniawan, T Salim, KF Tai, S Sun, EJ Sie, X Wu, EKL Yeow, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (34), 18015-18022, 2012
Phonoritons as Hybridized Exciton-Photon-Phonon Excitations in a Monolayer -BN Optical Cavity
S Latini, U De Giovannini, EJ Sie, N Gedik, H Hübener, A Rubio
Physical Review Letters 126 (22), 227401, 2021
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