Darren Logan
Darren Logan
Head of Research, Waltham Petcare Science Institute
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Cytowane przez
Non-neuronal expression of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes in the olfactory system suggests mechanisms underlying COVID-19-associated anosmia
DH Brann, T Tsukahara, C Weinreb, M Lipovsek, K Van den Berge, ...
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Identification of protein pheromones that promote aggressive behaviour
P Chamero, TF Marton, DW Logan, K Flanagan, JR Cruz, A Saghatelian, ...
Nature 450 (7171), 899-902, 2007
Adipocyte accumulation in the bone marrow during obesity and aging impairs stem cell-based hematopoietic and bone regeneration
TH Ambrosi, A Scialdone, A Graja, S Gohlke, AM Jank, C Bocian, L Woelk, ...
Cell stem cell 20 (6), 771-784. e6, 2017
Genome-wide generation and systematic phenotyping of knockout mice reveals new roles for many genes
JK White, AK Gerdin, NA Karp, E Ryder, M Buljan, JN Bussell, J Salisbury, ...
Cell 154 (2), 452-464, 2013
The vomeronasal organ mediates interspecies defensive behaviors through detection of protein pheromone homologs
F Papes, DW Logan, L Stowers
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A genome-wide association study of anorexia nervosa
V Boraska, CS Franklin, JAB Floyd, LM Thornton, LM Huckins, L Southam, ...
Molecular psychiatry, 2014
Regulation of pigmentation in zebrafish melanophores
DW Logan, SF Burn, IJ Jackson
Pigment cell research 19 (3), 206-213, 2006
Murine pheromone proteins constitute a context-dependent combinatorial code governing multiple social behaviors
AW Kaur, T Ackels, TH Kuo, A Cichy, S Dey, C Hays, M Kateri, DW Logan, ...
Cell 157 (3), 676-688, 2014
Species specificity in major urinary proteins by parallel evolution
DW Logan, TF Marton, L Stowers
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Cyclic regulation of sensory perception by a female hormone alters behavior
S Dey, P Chamero, JK Pru, MS Chien, X Ibarra-Soria, KR Spencer, ...
Cell 161 (6), 1334-1344, 2015
The structure and evolution of the melanocortin and MCH receptors in fish and mammals
DW Logan, RJ Bryson-Richardson, KE Pagán, MS Taylor, PD Currie, ...
Genomics 81 (2), 184-191, 2003
Sixteen diverse laboratory mouse reference genomes define strain-specific haplotypes and novel functional loci
J Lilue, AG Doran, IT Fiddes, M Abrudan, J Armstrong, R Bennett, ...
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Restriction and recruitment—gene duplication and the origin and evolution of snake venom toxins
AD Hargreaves, MT Swain, MJ Hegarty, DW Logan, JF Mulley
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Hierarchical deconstruction of mouse olfactory sensory neurons: from whole mucosa to single-cell RNA-seq
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BCL11A haploinsufficiency causes an intellectual disability syndrome and dysregulates transcription
C Dias, SB Estruch, SA Graham, J McRae, SJ Sawiak, JA Hurst, SK Joss, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 99 (2), 253-274, 2016
Learned recognition of maternal signature odors mediates the first suckling episode in mice
DW Logan, LJ Brunet, WR Webb, T Cutforth, J Ngai, L Stowers
Current biology 22 (21), 1998-2007, 2012
Heterogeneity of hypothalamic pro-opiomelanocortin-expressing neurons revealed by single-cell RNA sequencing
BYH Lam, I Cimino, J Polex-Wolf, SN Kohnke, D Rimmington, V Iyemere, ...
Molecular metabolism 6 (5), 383-392, 2017
The olfactory transcriptomes of mice
X Ibarra-Soria, MO Levitin, LR Saraiva, DW Logan
PLoS genetics 10 (9), e1004593, 2014
Disruption of mouse Cenpj, a regulator of centriole biogenesis, phenocopies Seckel syndrome
RE McIntyre, P Lakshminarasimhan Chavali, O Ismail, DM Carragher, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (11), e1003022, 2012
Testing the Toxicofera: comparative transcriptomics casts doubt on the single, early evolution of the reptile venom system
AD Hargreaves, MT Swain, DW Logan, JF Mulley
Toxicon 92, 140-156, 2014
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