Sebastian Lourdudoss
Sebastian Lourdudoss
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30 GHz direct modulation bandwidth in detuned loaded InGaAsP DBR lasers at 1.55/spl mu/m wavelength
O Kjebon, R Schatz, S Lourdudoss, S Nilsson, B Stalnacke, L Backbom
Electronics Letters 33 (6), 488-489, 1997
Hydride vapor phase epitaxy revisited
S Lourdudoss, O Kjebon
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Heteroepitaxy and selective area heteroepitaxy for silicon photonics
S Lourdudoss
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C Ji, RG Broeke, Y Du, J Cao, N Chubun, P Bjeletich, F Olsson, ...
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III–Vs on Si for photonic applications—A monolithic approach
Z Wang, C Junesand, W Metaferia, C Hu, L Wosinski, S Lourdudoss
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O Kjebon, R Schatz, S Lourdudoss, S Nilsson, B Stalnacke
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Epitaxial lateral overgrowth of InP on Si from nano-openings: Theoretical and experimental indication for defect filtering throughout the grown layer
F Olsson, M Xie, S Lourdudoss, I Prieto, PA Postigo
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Anomalous k-dependent spin splitting in wurtzite Al x Ga 1− x N∕ Ga N heterostructures
I Lo, MH Gau, JK Tsai, YL Chen, ZJ Chang, WT Wang, JC Chiang, ...
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FM Soares, NK Fontaine, RP Scott, JH Baek, X Zhou, T Su, S Cheung, ...
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An investigation on hydride VPE growth and properties of semi-insulating InP: Fe
S Lourdudoss, B Hammarlund, O Kjebon
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Active photonic device
C Junesand, S Lourdudoss
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T Aggerstam, A Pinos, S Marcinkevičius, M Linnarsson, S Lourdudoss
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Gigabit free-space multi-level signal transmission with a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser operating at room temperature
X Pang, O Ozolins, R Schatz, J Storck, A Udalcovs, JR Navarro, A Kakkar, ...
Optics letters 42 (18), 3646-3649, 2017
1.55 μm buried heterostructure laser via regrowth of semi‐insulating InP: Fe around vertical mesas fabricated by reactive ion etching using methane and hydrogen
O Kjebon, S Lourdudoss, B Hammarlund, S Lindgren, M Rask, P Ojala, ...
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K Streubel, J Wallin, G Landgren, U Öhlander, S Lourdudoss, O Kjebon
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Peptides for functionalization of InP semiconductors
E Estephan, M Saab, C Larroque, M Martin, F Olsson, S Lourdudoss, ...
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Demonstration of spectral phase O-CDMA encoding and decoding in monolithically integrated arrayed-waveguide-grating-based encoder
J Cao, RG Broeke, NK Fontaine, C Ji, Y Du, N Chubun, K Aihara, ...
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RG Broeke, J Cao, C Ji, SW Seo, Y Du, NK Fontaine, JH Baek, J Yan, ...
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Monolithically integrated InP wafer-scale 100-channel× 10-GHz AWG and Michelson interferometers for 1-THz-bandwidth optical arbitrary waveform generation
FM Soares, JH Baek, NK Fontaine, X Zhou, Y Wang, RP Scott, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, OThS1, 2010
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