Archie Holmes
Archie Holmes
Professor and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Interplay of Rabi oscillations and quantum interference in semiconductor quantum dots
H Htoon, T Takagahara, D Kulik, O Baklenov, AL Holmes Jr, CK Shih
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Nonuniform Composition Profile in Alloy Quantum Dots
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Wafer fusion: materials issues and device results
A Black, AR Hawkins, NM Margalit, DI Babic, AL Holmes, YL Chang, ...
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MA Saleh, MM Hayat, PP Sotirelis, AL Holmes, JC Campbell, BEA Saleh, ...
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WK Wong, X Yang, RA Jones, JH Rivers, V Lynch, WK Lo, D Xiao, ...
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Impact ionization characteristics of III-V semiconductors for a wide range of multiplication region thicknesses
P Yuan, CC Hansing, KA Anselm, CV Lenox, H Nie, AL Holmes, ...
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Unpinned metal gate/high-κ GaAs capacitors: Fabrication and characterization
D Shahrjerdi, MM Oye, AL Holmes, SK Banerjee
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Carrier relaxation and quantum decoherence of excited states in self-assembled quantum dots
H Htoon, D Kulik, O Baklenov, AL Holmes Jr, T Takagahara, CK Shih
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C Lenox, P Yuan, H Nie, O Baklenov, C Hansing, JC Campbell, ...
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R Sidhu, N Duan, JC Campbell, AL Holmes
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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 13 (12), 1346-1348, 2001
Mental health status of World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers and volunteers-New York City, July 2002-August 2004.
RP Smith, CL Katz, A Holmes, R Herbert, S Levin, J Moline, ...
Synthesis and near infrared luminescence of a tetrametallic Zn 2 Yb 2 architecture from a trinuclear Zn 3 L 2 Schiff base complex
X Yang, RA Jones, V Lynch, MM Oye, AL Holmes
Dalton Transactions, 849-851, 2005
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S Wang, JB Hurst, F Ma, R Sidhu, X Sun, XG Zheng, AL Holmes, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 14 (12), 1722-1724, 2002
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F Ma, S Wang, X Li, KA Anselm, XG Zheng, AL Holmes, JC Campbell
Journal of applied physics 92 (8), 4791-4795, 2002
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