Jakob Pernthaler
Jakob Pernthaler
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Cytowane przez
Fluorescence in situ hybridization and catalyzed reporter deposition for the identification of marine bacteria
A Pernthaler, J Pernthaler, R Amann
Applied and environmental microbiology 68 (6), 3094-3101, 2002
Predation on prokaryotes in the water column and its ecological implications
J Pernthaler
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H Eilers, J Pernthaler, FO Glöckner, R Amann
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GJ Herndl, T Reinthaler, E Teira, H van Aken, C Veth, A Pernthaler, ...
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S Chaffron, H Rehrauer, J Pernthaler, C Von Mering
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K Šimek, J Pernthaler, MG Weinbauer, K Hornák, JR Dolan, J Nedoma, ...
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T Posch, O Köster, MM Salcher, J Pernthaler
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Latitudinal distribution of prokaryotic picoplankton populations in the Atlantic Ocean
M Schattenhofer, BM Fuchs, R Amann, MV Zubkov, GA Tarran, ...
Environmental Microbiology 11 (8), 2078-2093, 2009
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