Tommaso Lorenzi
Tommaso Lorenzi
Department of Mathematical Sciences "G. L. Lagrange", Politecnico di Torino
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Populational adaptive evolution, chemotherapeutic resistance and multiple anti-cancer therapies
A Lorz, T Lorenzi, ME Hochberg, J Clairambault, B Perthame
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis-Modélisation …, 2013
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A Lorz, T Lorenzi, J Clairambault, A Escargueil, B Perthame
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RH Chisholm, T Lorenzi, J Clairambault
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A mathematical framework for modelling the metastatic spread of cancer
LC Franssen, T Lorenzi, AEF Burgess, MAJ Chaplain
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T Lorenzi, RH Chisholm, J Clairambault
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T Lorenzi, RH Chisholm, L Desvillettes, BD Hughes
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L Almeida, P Bagnerini, G Fabrini, BD Hughes, T Lorenzi
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Social information use and the evolution of unresponsiveness in collective systems
CJ Torney, T Lorenzi, ID Couzin, SA Levin
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On interfaces between cell populations with different mobilities
T Lorenzi, A Lorz, B Perthame
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), 2016
The role of spatial variations of abiotic factors in mediating intratumour phenotypic heterogeneity
T Lorenzi, C Venkataraman, A Lorz, MAJ Chaplain
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A mathematical model for immune and autoimmune response mediated by T-cells
M Delitala, U Dianzani, T Lorenzi, M Melensi
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A Ardaševa, RA Gatenby, ARA Anderson, HM Byrne, PK Maini, T Lorenzi
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Modelling the immune response to cancer: an individual-based approach accounting for the difference in movement between inactive and activated T cells
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Bridging the gap between individual-based and continuum models of growing cell populations
MAJ Chaplain, T Lorenzi, FR Macfarlane
Journal of Mathematical Biology 80 (1), 343-371, 2020
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A Ardaševa, RA Gatenby, ARA Anderson, HM Byrne, PK Maini, T Lorenzi
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From a discrete model of chemotaxis with volume-filling to a generalized Patlak–Keller–Segel model
F Bubba, T Lorenzi, FR Macfarlane
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Effects of an advection term in nonlocal lotka–volterra equations
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Discrete and continuum phenotype-structured models for the evolution of cancer cell populations under chemotherapy
REA Stace, T Stiehl, MAJ Chaplain, A Marciniak-Czochra, T Lorenzi
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 15, 14, 2020
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