Jaromír Šavelka
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Sentence boundary detection in adjudicatory decisions in the united states
J Savelka, VR Walker, M Grabmair, KD Ashley
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Veřejné licence v České republice
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Segmenting US Court Decisions into Functional and Issue Specific Parts
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Mining Information from Statutory Texts in Multi-jurisdictional Settings
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Using conditional random fields to detect different functional types of content in decisions of united states courts with example application to sentence boundary detection
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Applying an interactive machine learning approach to statutory analysis
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Právní informační systémy
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Transfer of predictive models for classification of statutory texts in multi-jurisdictional settings
J Šavelka, KD Ashley
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Dangers of Over-Enthusiasm in Licensing Under Creative Commons
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Creative commons and grand challenge to make legal language simple
M Myška, T Smejkalová, J Šavelka, M Škop
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Sentence Embeddings and High-Speed Similarity Search for Fast Computer Assisted Annotation of Legal Documents
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H Westermann, J Savelka, K Benyekhlef
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Automatic Segmentation of Czech Court Decisions into Multi-Paragraph Parts
J Harašta, J Šavelka, F Kasl, J Míšek
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Refined coherence as constraint satisfaction framework for representing judicial reasoning
M Araszkiewicz, J Savelka
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2012: the Twenty-fifth Annual …, 2012
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