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Dr.George Thomas
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Cytowane przez
Isolation, characterization and expression studies of resistance gene candidates (RGCs) from Zingiber spp.
R Aswati Nair, G Thomas
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Death and injury caused by methyl bromide, an insecticide fumigant
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PG Kavitha, G Thomas
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Amplified fragment length polymorphism analyses unravel a striking difference in the intraspecific genetic diversity of four species of genus Zingiber Boehm. from the Western …
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Development of an Efficient Virus Induced Gene Silencing Strategy in the Non-Model Wild Ginger-Zingiber zerumbet and Investigation of Associated Proteome …
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Collecting and morphological evaluation of 'Njavara', a traditional medicinal rice (Oryza sativa L.), in Kerala, India.
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RA Nair, G Thomas
Biochemical systematics and ecology 44, 196-201, 2012
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