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Advances in molecular quantum chemistry contained in the Q-Chem 4 program package
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What Can Density Functional Theory Tell Us about Artificial Catalytic Water Splitting?
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Hybridization of a Flexible Cyclooctatetraene Core and Rigid Aceneimide Wings for Multiluminescent Flapping π Systems
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Fluorescence quenching by photoinduced electron transfer in the Zn2+ sensor Zinpyr-1: a computational investigation
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Simulation of solution phase electron transfer in a compact donor–acceptor dyad
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Hemilabile Proton Relays and Redox-Activity Lead to {FeNO} x and Significant Rate Enhancements in NO2-Reduction.
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Exceptional electron conduction in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks
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Chem 7 (12), 3309-3324, 2021
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