Aida Todri-Sanial
Aida Todri-Sanial
Full Professor, TU Eindhoven | Director of Research, CNRS
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Cytowane przez
A study of tapered 3-D TSVs for power and thermal integrity
A Todri, S Kundu, P Girard, A Bosio, L Dilillo, A Virazel
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Energy autonomous wearable sensors for smart healthcare: a review
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S Niu, A Suau, G Staffelbach, A Todri-Sanial
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A Todri-Sanial, S Carapezzi, C Delacour, M Abernot, T Gil, E Corti, ...
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Mapping hebbian learning rules to coupling resistances for oscillatory neural networks
C Delacour, A Todri-Sanial
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Digital implementation of oscillatory neural network for image recognition applications
M Abernot, T Gil, M Jiménez, J Núñez, MJ Avellido, B Linares-Barranco, ...
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Power supply noise aware workload assignment for multi-core systems
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Energy-Performance Assessment of Oscillatory Neural Networks Based on VO Devices for Future Edge AI Computing
C Delacour, S Carapezzi, M Abernot, A Todri-Sanial
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Globally constrained locally optimized 3-D power delivery networks
A Todri-Sanial, S Kundu, P Girard, A Bosio, L Dilillo, A Virazel
IEEE Transactions on very large scale Integration (VLSI) Systems 22 (10 …, 2013
Investigation of Pt-salt-doped-standalone-multiwall carbon nanotubes for on-chip interconnect applications
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A study of decoupling capacitor effectiveness in power and ground grid networks
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Electrothermal analysis of carbon nanotubes power delivery networks for nanoscale integrated circuits
A Magnani, M De Magistris, A Todri-Sanial, A Maffucci
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 15 (3), 380-388, 2016
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