Jierui Liang
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Impact of Post‐Lithography Polymer Residue on the Electrical Characteristics of MoS2 and WSe2 Field Effect Transistors
J Liang, K Xu, B Toncini, B Bersch, B Jariwala, YC Lin, J Robinson, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6 (3), 1801321, 2019
Electric double-layer gating of two-dimensional field-effect transistors using a single-ion conductor
K Xu, J Liang, A Woeppel, ME Bostian, H Ding, Z Chao, JR McKone, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (39), 35879-35887, 2019
Triggerable Ion Release in Polymerized Ionic Liquids Containing Thermally Labile Diels–Alder Linkages
S Arora, J Liang, SK Fullerton-Shirey, JE Laaser
ACS Materials Letters 2 (4), 331-335, 2020
Small-voltage multiferroic control of two-dimensional magnetic insulators
S Liang, T Xie, NA Blumenschein, T Zhou, T Ersevim, Z Song, J Liang, ...
Nature Electronics 6 (3), 199-205, 2023
Ion-locking in solid polymer electrolytes for reconfigurable gateless lateral graphene pn junctions
J Liang, K Xu, S Arora, JE Laaser, SK Fullerton-Shirey
Materials 13 (5), 1089, 2020
Molecularly thin electrolyte for all solid-state nonvolatile two-dimensional crystal memory
J Liang, K Xu, M Wu, BM Hunt, WH Wang, K Cho, SK Fullerton-Shirey
Nano Letters 19 (12), 8911-8919, 2019
Electric-field-induced optical hysteresis in single-layer WSe2
Z Sun, J Beaumariage, K Xu, J Liang, S Hou, SR Forrest, ...
Applied Physics Letters 115 (16), 2019
Photoluminescence Switching Effect in a Two-Dimensional Atomic Crystal
Z Sun, K Xu, C Liu, J Beaumariage, J Liang, SK Fullerton-Shirey, ZY Shi, ...
ACS nano 15 (12), 19439-19445, 2021
(Invited) MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors Gated with a Two-Dimensional Electrolyte
J Liang, K Xu, S Fullerton
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 231, 1362-1362, 2017
Photoluminescence switching in a two-dimensional atomic crystal
Z Sun, K Xu, C Liu, J Beaumariage, J Liang, SK Shi, J Wu, D Snoke
arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.10871, 2020
Strain-Induced 2H to 1T′ Phase Transition in Suspended MoTe2 Using Electric Double Layer Gating
SS Awate, K Xu, J Liang, B Katz, R Muzzio, VH Crespi, J Katoch, ...
ACS nano, 2023
New coercivities and Curie temperatures emerged in van der Waals homostructures of
S Liang, J Liang, JC Kotsakidis, HS Arachchige, D Mandrus, AL Friedman, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (6), L061001, 2023
Facile integration of giant exchange bias in heterostructures by atomic layer deposition
J Liang, S Liang, T Xie, AF May, T Ersevim, Q Wang, H Ahn, C Lee, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (1), 014008, 2023
Ion-controlled Electronics Enabled by Electric Double Layer Gating of Two-dimensional Materials
J Liang
University of Pittsburgh, 2021
Thermally-triggered ionic liquids: New platform for ‘on-command’release of ions
S Arora, J Liang, JE Laaser, SK Fullerton-Shirey
American Chemical Society SciMeetings 1 (1), 2020
Optical Switching Based on a Single Layer of WSe2
Z Sun, K Xu, J Beaumariage, J Liang, S Fullerton-Shirey, D Snoke
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Molecularly Thin All-Solid-State Non-Volatile Memory Gated By a Monolayer Electrolyte
J Liang, K Xu, M Wu, W Wang, K Cho, S Fullerton-Shirey
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2019
Electric Double Layer Gating of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Field-Effect Transistors Using a Monolayer Solid-State Electrolyte
J Liang, K Xu, S Fullerton-Shirey
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2018
Using ions to control transport in two-dimensional materials
K Xu, J Liang, MM Islam, D Guzman, AC Seabaugh, A Strachan, ...
Graphene Flagship EU-US Workshop Graphene and related 2D materials, 8, 2018
Electric Double Layer Doping of WSe2 Field-Effect Transistors Using a Monolayer Electrolyte
J Liang, K Xu, S Fullerton
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 233, 885-885, 2018
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