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Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the process of mechanized timber extraction and transport
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuć, A Ziółkowski, Ł Rymaniak, W Kusiak
European Journal of Forest Research 136, 153-160, 2017
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Thermal Degradation of Different Starches and Estimation the OH Group and H2O Content on the Surface by TG/DTG-DTA
M Pigłowska, B Kurc, Ł Rymaniak, P Lijewski, P Fuć
Polymers 12 (2), 357, 2020
An environmental life cycle assessment of forklift operation: a well-to-wheel analysis
P Fuc, P Kurczewski, A Lewandowska, E Nowak, J Selech, A Ziolkowski
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Actual emissions from urban buses powered with diesel and gas engines
J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, J Pielecha
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Comparison of waste heat recovery from the exhaust of a spark ignition and a diesel engine
KT Wojciechowski, M Schmidt, R Zybala, J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski
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Exhaust emission tests from agricultural machinery under real operating conditions
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuc, J Pielecha
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Exhaust emissions generated under actual operating conditions from a hybrid vehicle and an electric one fitted with a range extender
P Lijewski, M Kozak, P Fuć, Ł Rymaniak, A Ziółkowski
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Exhaust emission tests from non-road vehicles conducted with the use of PEMS analyzers
J Merkisz, P LiJewski, P Fuć, S Weymann
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność 15 (4), 364-368, 2013
Study of recovery of waste heat from exhaust of automotive engine
K Wojciechowski, J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Schmidt, R Zybała
5th European conference on Thermoelectrics, 194-198, 2007
The role of real power output from farm tractor engines in determining their environmental performance in actual operating conditions
Ł Rymaniak, P Lijewski, M Kamińska, P Fuć, B Kurc, M Siedlecki, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 173, 105405, 2020
The comparison of the emissions from light duty vehicle in on-road and NEDC tests
J Merkisz, P Fuc, P Lijewski, P Bielaczyc
SAE Technical Paper, 2010
Research of exhaust emissions from a harvester diesel engine with the use of portable emission measurement system
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuć
Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering: Journal for Theory and Application …, 2013
Challenges for Safe Electrolytes Applied in Lithium-Ion Cells—A Review
M Pigłowska, B Kurc, M Galiński, P Fuć, M Kamińska, N Szymlet, ...
Materials 14 (22), 6783, 2021
Prototypical thermoelectric generator for waste heat conversion from combustion engines
Combustion Engines 154 (3), 60-71, 2013
Modern nanocomposites and hybrids as electrode materials used in energy carriers
B Kurc, M Pigłowska, Ł Rymaniak, P Fuć
Nanomaterials 11 (2), 538, 2021
The analysis of the operating conditions of farm machinery engines in regard to exhaust emissions legislation
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuc
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 29 (4), 445-452, 2013
Analysis of particle mass and number emission from an SI engine with direct fuel injection and a particulate filter
P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Siedlecki, B Sokolnicka, N Szymlet
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421 (4), 042019, 2018
The analysis of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions from forklifts fueled by diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) obtained under real driving conditions
P Fuc, P Lijewski, P Kurczewski, A Ziolkowski, M Dobrzynski
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 58417 …, 2017
Rapeseed oil methyl esters (RME) as fuel for urban transport
J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Kozak
Alternative Fuels, Technical and Environmental Conditions, 2016
Applications of the continuously rotating detonation to combustion engines at the Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation
M Kawalec, W Perkowski, B Łukasik, A Bilar, P Wolański
Combustion Engines 61, 2022
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