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Paweł Fuć
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Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the process of mechanized timber extraction and transport
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuć, A Ziółkowski, Ł Rymaniak, W Kusiak
European Journal of Forest Research 136 (1), 153-160, 2017
An environmental life cycle assessment of forklift operation: a well-to-wheel analysis
P Fuc, P Kurczewski, A Lewandowska, E Nowak, J Selech, A Ziolkowski
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 21 (10), 1438-1451, 2016
Exhaust emission tests from agricultural machinery under real operating conditions
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuc, J Pielecha
SAE Technical Paper, 2010
Comparison of waste heat recovery from the exhaust of a spark ignition and a diesel engine
KT Wojciechowski, M Schmidt, R Zybala, J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski
Journal of electronic materials 39 (9), 2034-2038, 2010
Actual emissions from urban buses powered with diesel and gas engines
J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, J Pielecha
Transportation Research Procedia 14, 3070-3078, 2016
Exhaust emission tests from non-road vehicles conducted with the use of PEMS analyzers
J Merkisz, P LiJewski, P Fuć, S Weymann
Eksploatacja i Niezawodność 15 (4), 2013
Exhaust emissions generated under actual operating conditions from a hybrid vehicle and an electric one fitted with a range extender
P Lijewski, M Kozak, P Fuć, Ł Rymaniak, A Ziółkowski
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 78, 102183, 2020
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Thermal Degradation of Different Starches and Estimation the OH Group and H2O Content on the Surface by TG/DTG-DTA
M Pigłowska, B Kurc, Ł Rymaniak, P Lijewski, P Fuć
Polymers 12 (2), 357, 2020
Study of recovery of waste heat from exhaust of automotive engine
K Wojciechowski, J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Schmidt, R Zybała
5th European conference on Thermoelectrics, 194-198, 2007
Research of exhaust emissions from a harvester diesel engine with the use of portable emission measurement system
P Lijewski, J Merkisz, P Fuć
Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering: Journal for Theory and Application …, 2013
The role of real power output from farm tractor engines in determining their environmental performance in actual operating conditions
Ł Rymaniak, P Lijewski, M Kamińska, P Fuć, B Kurc, M Siedlecki, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 173, 105405, 2020
Prototypical thermoelectric generator for waste heat conversion from combustion engines
Combustion Engines 154 (3), 60-71, 2013
Analysis of particle mass and number emission from an SI engine with direct fuel injection and a particulate filter
P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Siedlecki, B Sokolnicka, N Szymlet
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 421 (4), 042019, 2018
Rapeseed oil methyl esters (RME) as fuel for urban transport
J Merkisz, P Fuć, P Lijewski, M Kozak
Altern. Fuels Tech. Environ. Cond, 2016
Modern nanocomposites and hybrids as electrode materials used in energy carriers
B Kurc, M Pigłowska, Ł Rymaniak, P Fuć
Nanomaterials 11 (2), 538, 2021
Exhaust emission in NEDC test simulated at a dynamic engine test bed
P Fuć, J Merkisz, P Lijewski, M Bajerlein, A Ziółkowski, Ł Rymaniak, ...
Combustion Engines 154 (3), 701-707, 2013
Problems of exhaust emissions testing from machines and mobile devices in real operating conditions
P Lijewski, P Fuć, F Markiewicz, M Dobrzyński
Combustion Engines 58, 2019
Badania emisji zanieczyszczeń silników spalinowych
I Pielecha, J Pielecha, M Kozak, P Fuć
Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej, 2017
Trends in the type-approval regulations in terms of exhaust gas emissions for vehicles of category PC and LDV
P Fuć, P Lijewski, A Ziółkowski, M Siedlecki
Combustion Engines 162 (3), 2015
On-road exhaust emissions of passenger cars using portable emission measurement system (PEMS)
J Merkisz, A Merkisz-Guranowska, J Pielecha, P Fuć, M Jacyna
1st Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering …, 2013
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