Isabel Mendoza-Poudereux
Isabel Mendoza-Poudereux
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Metabolic cross-talk between pathways of terpenoid backbone biosynthesis in spike lavender
I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner, C Huber, J Segura, W Eisenreich, ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 95, 113-120, 2015
Enhanced levels of S-linalool by metabolic engineering of the terpenoid pathway in spike lavender leaves
I Mendoza-Poudereux, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, A Navarro, I Arrillaga, ...
Metabolic Engineering 23, 136-144, 2014
Exploratory study of the hoaxes spread via WhatsApp in Spain to prevent and/or cure COVID-19
C Moreno-Castro, E Vengut-Climent, L Cano-Orón, I Mendoza-Poudereux
Gaceta sanitaria 35, 534-540, 2022
Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase is not a rate-determining enzyme for essential oil production in spike lavender
I Mendoza-Poudereux, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, I Arrillaga, J Segura
Journal of plant physiology 171 (17), 1564-1570, 2014
Estudio exploratorio de los bulos difundidos por WhatsApp en España para prevenir o curar la COVID-19
C Moreno-Castro, E Vengut-Climent, L Cano-Orón, I Mendoza-Poudereux
Gaceta sanitaria 35 (6), 534-540, 2021
Perfil sociodemográfico del usuario de la homeopatía en España
L Cano-Orón, I Mendoza-Poudereux, C Moreno-Castro
Atención primaria 51 (8), 499-505, 2019
Selection of haploid cell lines from megagametophyte cultures of maritime pine as a DNA source for massive sequencing of the species
I Arrillaga, MA Guevara, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, D Lazaro-Gimeno, ...
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 118, 147-155, 2014
Dynamics of monoterpene formation in spike lavender plants
I Mendoza-Poudereux, E Kutzner, C Huber, J Segura, I Arrillaga, ...
Metabolites 7 (4), 65, 2017
Somatic embryogenesis as an effective regeneration support for reverse genetics in maritime pine: the Sustainpine collaborative project as a case study
JF Trontin, S Debille, F Canlet, L Harvengt, MA Lelu-Walter, P Label, ...
2. International Conference of the IUFRO Working Party 2.09. 02," Somatic …, 2012
Climate change and public perception. Citizens' proposals for better communication and involvement
I Mendoza-Poudereux, M Dziminska, G Pellegrini, J Rowland
Journal of Science Communication 20 (03), A09, 2021
Current status of the multinational Arabidopsis community
G Parry, NJ Provart, SM Brady, B Uzilday, ...
Plant direct 4 (7), e00248, 2020
Taking Stock and Re-Examining the Role of Science Communication
J Roche, R Arias, L Bell, M Boscolo, A Fornetti, A Knutas, F Kupper, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 9, 662, 2021
Biotechnological Approaches to Increase Essential Oil Yield and Quality in Aromatic Plants: The Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender) Example. Past and …
J Segura, J Muñoz-Bertomeu, I Mendoza-Poudereux, I Arrillaga
Essential Oil Research: Trends in Biosynthesis, Analytics, Industrial …, 2019
Maritime pine Pinus pinaster Aiton
M Cano, A Morcillo, A Humánez, I Mendoza-Poudereux, A Alborch, ...
Step Wise Protocols for Somatic Embryogenesis of Important Woody Plants …, 2018
The rise of skepticism in Spanish political and digital media contexts
L Cano Orón, I Mendoza Poudereux, C Moreno-Castro
Journal of Science Communication, 2019, vol. 18, num. 3, p. 1-20, 2019
Citizen consultations on science communication: A citizen science approach
A Delicado, J Rowland, E Vengut-Climent, I Mendoza-Poudereux, ...
Metode Science Studies Journal, 2021
CONCISE's Public consultations
C Moreno-Castro, I Mendoza Poudereux, E Vengut-Climent
Maritime pine genomics in focus
L Sterck, N de María, RA Cañas, M de Miguel, P Perdiguero, A Raffin, ...
The Pine Genomes, 67-123, 2022
Which has more influence on the Spaniard’s citizens dieting: the media’s information and social networks, health professionals or close experiences of relatives and friends
C Moreno-Castro, E Vengut-Climent, I Mendoza-Poudereux, ...
PCST2020, 2021
El boom informativo de la homeopatía. Estudio longitudinal 2015-2016
I Mendoza-Poudereux, L Cano Orón
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