Fred Jendrzejewski
Fred Jendrzejewski
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Three-dimensional localization of ultracold atoms in an optical disordered potential
F Jendrzejewski, A Bernard, K Mueller, P Cheinet, V Josse, M Piraud, ...
Nature Physics 8 (5), 398-403, 2012
Hysteresis in a quantized superfluid 'atomtronic' circuit
S Eckel, JG Lee, F Jendrzejewski, N Murray, CW Clark, CJ Lobb, ...
Nature 506 (7487), 200-203, 2014
A scalable realization of local U (1) gauge invariance in cold atomic mixtures
A Mil, TV Zache, A Hegde, A Xia, RP Bhatt, MK Oberthaler, P Hauke, ...
Science 367 (6482), 1128-1130, 2020
Interferometric measurement of the current-phase relationship of a superfluid weak link
S Eckel, F Jendrzejewski, A Kumar, CJ Lobb, GK Campbell
Physical Review X 4 (3), 031052, 2014
Resistive flow in a weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensate
F Jendrzejewski, S Eckel, N Murray, C Lanier, M Edwards, CJ Lobb, ...
Physical review letters 113 (4), 045305, 2014
Cold atoms meet lattice gauge theory
M Aidelsburger, L Barbiero, A Bermudez, T Chanda, A Dauphin, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 380 (2216), 20210064, 2022
Coherent Backscattering of Ultracold Atoms
F Jendrzejewski, K Müller, J Richard, A Date, T Plisson, P Bouyer, ...
Physical Review Letters 109 (19), 195302, 2012
Implementing quantum electrodynamics with ultracold atomic systems
V Kasper, F Hebenstreit, F Jendrzejewski, MK Oberthaler, J Berges
New journal of physics 19 (2), 023030, 2017
Quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories using Wilson fermions
TV Zache, F Hebenstreit, F Jendrzejewski, MK Oberthaler, J Berges, ...
Quantum science and technology 3 (3), 034010, 2018
Observation of the phononic Lamb shift with a synthetic vacuum
T Rentrop, A Trautmann, FA Olivares, F Jendrzejewski, A Komnik, ...
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041041, 2016
Dynamical Topological Transitions in the Massive Schwinger Model with a Term
TV Zache, N Mueller, JT Schneider, F Jendrzejewski, J Berges, P Hauke
Physical review letters 122 (5), 050403, 2019
Contact resistance and phase slips in mesoscopic superfluid-atom transport
S Eckel, JG Lee, F Jendrzejewski, CJ Lobb, GK Campbell, WT Hill III
Physical Review A 93 (6), 063619, 2016
Non-Abelian gauge invariance from dynamical decoupling
V Kasper, TV Zache, F Jendrzejewski, M Lewenstein, E Zohar
Physical Review D 107 (1), 014506, 2023
Subwavelength-width optical tunnel junctions for ultracold atoms
F Jendrzejewski, S Eckel, TG Tiecke, G Juzeliūnas, GK Campbell, L Jiang, ...
Physical Review A 94 (6), 063422, 2016
Self-heterodyne detection of the in situ phase of an atomic superconducting quantum interference device
R Mathew, A Kumar, S Eckel, F Jendrzejewski, GK Campbell, M Edwards, ...
Physical Review A 92 (3), 033602, 2015
From the Jaynes–Cummings model to non-abelian gauge theories: a guided tour for the quantum engineer
V Kasper, G Juzeliūnas, M Lewenstein, F Jendrzejewski, E Zohar
New Journal of Physics 22 (10), 103027, 2020
Resonant wavepackets and shock waves in an atomtronic SQUID
YH Wang, A Kumar, F Jendrzejewski, RM Wilson, M Edwards, S Eckel, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (12), 125012, 2015
Temperature-induced decay of persistent currents in a superfluid ultracold gas
A Kumar, S Eckel, F Jendrzejewski, GK Campbell
Physical Review A 95 (2), 021602, 2017
Scalable cold-atom quantum simulator for two-dimensional QED
R Ott, TV Zache, F Jendrzejewski, J Berges
Physical Review Letters 127 (13), 130504, 2021
Quantized refrigerator for an atomic cloud
W Niedenzu, I Mazets, G Kurizki, F Jendrzejewski
Quantum 3, 155, 2019
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